How To Create a Link For Customers to Leave Google Reviews

1. Setup a Google review link directly from Google

If you are looking to increase your Google reviews, follow these steps below and you will be able to create and copy a free sharable link in seconds.

Here’s how to generate your Google review link:

First, make sure you’ve signed in with your Google account.

  • Search for your business on Google
  • In the right of your business search results, click the button ‘Write Review’
  • Copy the URL from the top browser address bar

Update: Get the Google reviews to link from your Google My Business account

Finally, Google has made easy for everyone to copy and share the link so your customers can easily submit reviews on your Google location.

To get this link just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Google My Business account
  2. On the homepage, just scroll to the Get more reviews box
  3. Copy the provided link

That’s it. Once you customers click the link, they will be redirected to your location on the Google Maps app where a popup will appear so they can immediately submit their review.

Here is our link:

2. Use the PlaceID Generator

The Google PlaceID is a very simple generator that will provide you with the ID of your Google Maps location. Here it is below and just enter your business name, choose it from the drop-down and copy the Place ID from the popover.


In more details, here is how to get the Google review link:

  • In the “Enter a location” field write your company name
  • Click on your company name that appears in the dropdown list
  • Your Place ID will appear in the popover and you will just need to copy it
  • And paste this ID number at the end of this link (after the = sign)

That’s it. Cool right.

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Now you have your link that will look like this:

First, you’ve probably noticed that the link is longer and we suggest you to use a tool to shorten it. For example, is free and can make this huge link into a reasonable size, which makes it simpler to share it anywhere.

Here is the difference:

Short, simple and easy to share with your customers.

Now, let’s see what you can do with this link and ask your customers to leave Google reviews.

3. What can you do with your Google review link?

Once you have the link where your customers can write Google reviews, you can use this link to spread the news and start collecting great reviews.

Here is how to get more Google reviews:

  1. You can send emails to your customers with this link and ask them to submit you a review
  2. Create a ‘Leave a review’ button on your website
  3. Generate a QR code and print it on your menus, posters or fliers.

In each of the examples above, your customers need to be signed in with their Google accounts in order to leave the reviews.

Please note that no matter how you advertise your Google reviews page, the actual reviews are written by customers who have experience with your business. This means that you must pay attention to your service, product, and customer happiness.

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