Website Design

Website DesignAs the business world continues to shift away from big box stores towards the world wide web, web design is becoming a very important piece of business. Through a meeting I had with friends on the Dick's Sporting Goods ecommerce team they mentioned that the web sales account for 10% of their business. This equated to over $1 billion dollars last year.

Pittsburgh Website Design

As you consider whether to build your own website or have a company like SEO Vineyard do the website design, you should consider a couple of things.

  1. We have experience on our side. We created and designed over 200 websites and have the knowledge and expertise to do the job.
  2. We also have the Search Engine Optimization knowledge on our side. It makes sense to optimize the website while you are creating it to avoid extra steps. With a higher rank on the SERP, Search Engine Results Page, your website will be featured more frequently in search consoles like Google or Bing resulting in increased web traffic and additional business.
  3. Are you building a website for eCommerce or not?
    • If it is eCommerce, there are several additional steps that need to occur before you begin to sell online. Contact us to help you through this process.
  4. Is your website mobile friendly?
    • This is crucial to have as Google is penalizing websites for not being mobile friendly.
  5. Is your domain available?
  6. Where will you host your website?
  7. Which platform will you build it on?
  8. How will you create a logo for your company?

These are only a few of the many items you need to think about when laying out a website. Contact SEO Vineyard today to have a conversation with us about how we can help you. Hiring experts will save you time and a whole lot of headaches!