Search Engine Optimization

Pittsburgh SEO CompanySearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in terms of the ranking of your website in search engines. By not optimizing your website, it is more difficult for your target customer to find you.

Google is the primary search engine people use capturing nearly 85% of the market share. Google's job is to display the best, most relevant content possible to maintain their reputation. There are many factors that go into the way Google determines the ranking of your website. It is our job at SEO Vineyard to optimize your website for the most relevant keywords to have your website display at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

With over 200 website builds of experience, allow us to use our system to enhance your digital marketing presence. To be a top Pittsburgh SEO company, we must understand the geographical location and how users search on a daily basis. We will meet with you to determine what goals you have and how to achieve those goals through the digital marketing services we provide.


In terms of defining your analytics goals start by asking these questions:

  1. What are your goals as a business?
  2. What kinds of activity would you like to see on your website?
  3. What kinds of information would help you measure this?

We will then take and extend your reach through the leverage of online promotional tools and platforms:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Social Media
  3. Content re-purposing

An SEO expert will save you a lot of time, money and increase your business at the same time. It is important to have a physical store front however, it is also just as important to have a digital store front. Allow us to partner with you to rank your website higher than your competitors as a top Pittsburgh SEO Company, SEO Vineyard.

Contact us today to take your first step towards achieving your digital marketing goals. Set up a free consultation and examination of your digital marketing needs. We look forward to maximizing your digital marketing presence!