Ignore The US Domain Authority Registry Expiration Spam Letter

Have you ever gotten a letter from US Domain Authority spam or another similar organization suggesting that you must move quickly to renew your domain, but you have no memory of ever working with them?

You\’re not alone if you said yes. If you own a domain name or have someone register it on your behalf, you will almost certainly receive these deceptive spam letters in the mail.

They are distributed by spam domain registrars and others who target customers who don\’t completely comprehend the domain registration service or directory listings. As a result, companies like this US Domain Authority (based in Hendersonville, NC) send letters to everyone who has a domain name, informing them that their domain is about to expire and that they should renew it right away.

Because they understand how busy companies and organizations are, many just send in payment, not realizing there is a 1500% markup.

We continue to receive inquiries about these from clients, indicating that they have received these spam letters. Therefore, whether you registered your domain name with SEO Vineyard or another provider, we want to provide this information to safeguard you. Here is an example of a word-for-word mailing you may get. I\’m hoping you found this information informative, and that you\’re able to defend yourself from this spam as a result.

The actual letter SEO Vineyard Received: 


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