Make Your Keywords Count

What are keywords?

Keywords are concepts and subjects that define the subject matter of your article. They\’re the words and phrases that people type into search engines, often known as \”search queries\” in SEO. These are your core keywords if you reduce everything on your website — all the photos, video, content, and so on — to basic words and phrases.

As a website owner and content producer, you want the keywords on your page to be relevant to what people are looking for so they can find your material more easily among the results. 

Why Do Keyword Research?

The importance of keyword research in SEO cannot be overstated. Keywords are a crucial SEO ranking component that Google considers when determining where your content should appear in search results. If you get them correctly, Google will understand what your material is about and will make it simple for it to appear in answer to a search at the proper moment. 

By identifying subjects to include in your content strategy, keyword research allows you to get inside your consumers\’ brains. You may optimize your content to offer the answers your target audience is seeking for once you know what they\’re looking for. Overall, keyword research is beneficial to all marketing and promotional operations, including email marketing. It will also aid pay-per-click advertising and market research.

Examining the keywords that your rivals are using might assist you in fine-tuning your own content strategy. In the tools section below, you\’ll find several tools to assist you with competitive keyword research. 

Using keywords on your page

It\’s pointless to cram keywords onto your website. It\’s not only about delivering suggestions to our Google robot buddies when it comes to creating interesting content. It\’s about offering genuine value for real people. To get started, you need to follow some fundamental keyword usage principles. To convince bots and humans that you have what they\’re looking for, use unique keywords on each page of your site in the areas where they typically search. This applies to both the title tag and the body of your material, which brings us to an essential point: clickbait\’s dangers. 

You may assume that giving tantalizingly vague names for your content would entice more clicks, but by hiding what the page is truly about, you\’re sacrificing part of the impact of keywords. 

You may also include your major keyword in your URL, an H1 tag on the page, the meta description, and the alt attributes of pictures on the page to assist search engines to understand what your content is all about. The most basic approach to target your content to queries is to use your keywords in these locations.

Ready to make Keywords count?

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